[ALAS] Learn by ear Project Timeline

  1. Testing
    Testing implementation

    Building a predictable and error-free software is something we always strive for. Using automated testing will allow us to make sure that our code works and runs properly.

  2. New Exercise
    Extension of the Find Notes course

    The idea is to create more levels and diferent types of exercises within the Find Notes course.

  3. New Exercise
    Extension of the Identify Intervals course

    Same idea as previously mentioned applies to the Identify Intervals, more levels and diferent types of exercises.

  4. New Course
    Pitch detector

    Users will be able to train their pitch using their voices, we’ll use the current exercises (find notes and Identify interval) but instead of selecting the answer with a button or piano, users will have to sing the interval or notes. We will be using Machine Learning to develop this feature.

  5. Infrastucture
    Going fully native

    Making Learn By Ear a fully native App, available to download on mobile or tablet.

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